Victorian Furniture for sale and sold  

Victorian furniture is exquisite to say the least. If you're doing an authentic restoration wanting to learn about it, a collector or just want amazing conversation pieces, we hope you'll appreciate this site. Knowing the different styles of Victorian furniture the periods they were popular and the differences in them can be helpful.

Below we start with the Rococo Revival style. Seen from the late 1830's-1860's. Some well known furniture makers of that era were John Henry Belter, J & JW Meeks, Mitchel and Rammelsburg and Elija Galusha

We will have examples on this page and will list furniture as it becomes available. If you see something you like, text or email for details and pricing. If you don't see what youre looking for, contact me I may still have it or can locate it.

Below. Rococo Revival example

Below Gothic Revival
A revival of English Gothic 18th century Furniture, the American Gothic or Victorian Gothic revival was in full swing by the 1850's and carried on until the 1890's
SOLD to a client in Tacoma Washington