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This page is dedicated to the Victorian Kitchen. These late 1800's - turn of the century Kitchens were very utilitarian and were rarely photographed. We have had many clients say they cannot find any photos of Victorian kitchens so we decided to share some from some of our Trade catalogues and photos found over the years. We hope these are helpful for points of reference.

We also are happy to share antique period kitchen fixtures that are available or we have sold over the years.

If you don't see what you're looking for below, send us an email request of what you're looking for. We should be able to assist.


Above is a Vintage photo found on Pinterest of a period 1880-1890's Kitchen. This is a great example of a typical Kitchen in the Victorian era. Ornate, cast iron wood burning kitchen stove, wood floors, large earthenware slop sinks, wood shelving and plate rails with an early water heater and early Victorian kitchen sink which was an enamled cast iran sink and splash on large cast iron legs and separate unmixed bib faucets.

Here is an example of a Victorian Butcher block. Massive, and ornate with large turned wooden legs, metal corners, wood skirting and metal buttons. Hard to find intact anymore.

This one is available...

For pricing inquire

Here are examples of an early Victorian enameled cast iron Kitchen sinks with a back splash, ornate cast iron apron and embossed cast iron legs

On the left is an example of an early post Victorian Kitchen 1907

Indoor plumbing was the new and great invention and Kitchen sinks of the Victorian era were no exception. Here is one of the finest examples of Kitchen sinks of the 1880's-1900. This is a large Earthenware sink with cast iron legs, Marble back splash and original wood drain boards. This example can be seen at the John J Hewitt House in Riverside Ca

Here is one of the finest examples of Kitchen sinks of the 1880's-1900 as well. This is a large Earthenware sink with earthenware legs, Earthenware back splash and period wood drain boards. This example remarkable sink was sold but we do get these types of sinks in. Inquire

Here is another example of Kitchen sinks of the 1880's-1900. This is an Earthenware sink with cast iron wall brackets  and original oversized wood drain board. 

We are constantly buying and selling Victorian plumbing fixtures and assisting in selling and buying and selling of Victorian homes. If you don't see something available on our site, send me an email request for what you are needing. I either have it or can get it.

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