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Victorian Bathrooms

This page is dedicated to show you different bathroom designs that were available in the Victorian era. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here's several pictures from trade catalogues of that era. Some of the companies that made these antique plumbing fixtures new at the time were companies like Standard Manufacturing, JL Mott, Peck brothers, FW Webb, Meyer Sniffen, Crane, DL Wolff and James B Clow to name a few

The Victorian era was an amazing time with so many things done in excess with all the bells and whistles and adornments and the new creation of indoor plumbing was so special so plumbing and iron works manufacturers went crazy on these items.

Above is a great illustration of a JL Mott bathroom design with some great details. The walls have a beautiful geometric floral designed border above a plainer wall papered fill with dark walnut stained wainscoting, with matching paneled hooded needlebath shower and tub combo, Tile flooring, oriental rug with a washout toilet bowl and wooden high tank, wood paneled sitz bath and carerra marble sink with marble splash, hot and cold seperate faucets on a wood cabinet with an oval nickel plated mirror and 2 acid etched shade an a pair of gas sconces. This is a period bathroom design. circa 1888

Below are more images of similar bathrooms but from approximately 10 years earlier, with high Victorian artistic decorations. 

Above and below are bathrooms by JL Mott IronWorks 1888

Above is a Victorian bathroom by Bailey, Farrell & Co 1889

1893 Bathroom Augusta Georgia House.jpg

Here's an actual intact bathroom in a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1893 Augusta Georgia

Not the subway tile, honey comb tile flooring with border and mosaic accents, the ribcage needlebath shower and earthenware tub on bun feet.

On the left is an example of an early post Victorian bathroom 1907

bathroom design James B Clow & Son 1902

Bathroom design by

James Clow & Son 1908

Here is a complete Bathroom design circa 1885 By Meyer Sniffen Co

Beautiful wood panelled tub, sitz bath and marble sink vanity. Marble flooring, Oriental rugs and wall papered walls with aquatic life motifs

1903 Bathroom design_edited.jpg

Here you can see an actual bathroom circa 1903

Standard Sanitary Mfg Bathroom.jpg

Complete bathroom from The post Victorian Sanitary era by Standard Sanitary Mfg Co

We are constantly buying and selling Victorian plumbing fixtures and assisting in selling and buying and selling of Victorian homes. If you don't see something available on our site, send me an email request for what you are needing. I either have it or can get it.

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